In developing a new project, I have been thinking about how I document. As a business owner, I try to document my students’ progress by taking images of the progression of their art making. I’m always asking have they taken a pic of their work today?

As an artist, I document the stages of what I am doing but it is not only for review of where I have been. Sometimes my pics suggest a new question that I might try to answer. They may show a potential new direction. So is this documenting what I have done or for curiosity?

As I walk around in the world, either digitally or physically, I often take pics of things that strike me. They can become sources of inspiration, sometimes months or years later. These pics could become questions that I ask myself or simply a footnote to some other thought or idea.

It is not only plcs. Part of my own practice is frequently writing or drawing a journal entry. Sometimes the process is reflective – thinking about where I have been; and sometimes it is about where I might want to go. This journalling often starts out as a brain-dump: getting the junk out of my head so that the log jam of ideas can start moving again. A bit like a Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. But I often find that I get as many future opportunities as I get reflective thoughts. Other blogs I have written here have talked about my art practice is often prompted by a question I ask.

When do you document for reflection?

Do you document for curiosity? What does this look like?

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