I read one time that ideas are flying around all over the place and sometimes they land with you. They stick around for as long as you are interested in them and ‘feed’ them. But if you lose interest in them they will also fly away.

I find if I am making something, creating something, even writing something, lots of ideas fly by. They stick around if they connect with me and what I am thinking but they might just as easily slip past me. I don’t mind because I know there will be another one along shortly.  Sometimes they come easily amd sometimes not. But they are always around just waiting to land.

The same is true in my business not just in my art-making. When I am thinking and working in my business I get some great ideas of what I could be doing. I know what feels like synergy and what feels like hokum. What will fit with my ideals and goals and what won’t. But there are many people who think I must be told what is next for me.

I am frequently invited to run Paint and Sip kinds of events. You know the ones where everyone makes exactly the same thing through stepped out instructions while consuming a glass or two. Lovely idea! This is not my mojo.

I want people to feel like they have learnt something, that they are unique and have their own ideas. So my classes and courses look a little different. I’ll show you some techniques, suggest an idea or a place to start and then trouble-shoot with you along the journey to produce a unique artwork that fits your self-expression and aesthetic. I’ll give you strategies to help you solve problems rather than tell you ‘that colour is wrong’ or do this other thing. YOU make the art decisions about your own work.

I worked with one student who kept saying to me “just tell me what to do”. I didn’t. I would help her come to her own decisions. She didn’t like it very much but was EXTREMELY pleased with her outcomes. Her own unique artworks that included her beloved chooks and the bees from her hives. She gradually changed the questions she was asking from ‘What’s wrong with this?’ to ‘What’s the next step?’ By empowering her to answer her own questions she was much clearer about where she wanted her artwotk to go. She was also very proud of what she had done.

So if this feels like where you would like to be to explore your ideas and learn techniques and strategies that will take you to YOUR next level, come down and have a chat about how I can help you on your art journey.

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