Do you want to help your child (or yourself) better express themselves through art? Are you an aspiring, emerging or established artist looking for a safe space to create and collaborate? Do you just want to have a go at creating something uniquely yours? Then come on over to The Art Creatives, an inspirational space for adults and children alike to develop their artistic skills. 

The woman behind The Art Creatives is Beth Harcourt, an art teacher with nearly 40 years experience teaching and encouraging children to create their very own art. Through her immersive art classes, Beth breaks down artistic techniques and skills into success-driven steps that anyone can master. 

Supporting students of all ages to explore their art and tap into their imaginations, Beth covers a wide range of artistic forms — painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and more. She loves to work with air-dry clays and found objects.

Through her decades of teaching community workshops, working with teachers to develop engaging curricula and writing books on the visual arts that are still used today as teaching aids in high schools across Western Australia, Beth has gained deep knowledge and expertise in making art accessible to all. 

What’s more, as an artist herself who continues to exhibit around Perth, she understands just how empowering art can be and is passionate about sharing this joy and excitement with her students. 

Through her classes at The Art Creatives, students can gain the confidence to express themselves with clarity and authenticity. No single experience is the same, with every student creating their very own, unique pieces of art. 

So whether you’re looking to get creative yourself or inspire your children or students to do so, The Art Creatives is the perfect place to explore all that art has to offer. 

April 2021 – by Beth Harcourt

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you hosted Art Birthday Parties? My daughter is turning 7, and would like to do a painting with friends on the Sunday 12th February. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dale.

    1. Dear Dale,
      I would love to help you out with this! What kinds of painting or drawing is she interested in? I have done a gelli print into collage workshop; a drawing/painting faces workshop and a drawing/painting quirky birds workshop as a party. (You might look at my Instagram page for what these look like: “bethharcourtartist) In each one the kids walk out with an artwork they can frame. Sometimes I provide the frames as part of the package. Most parties run about 3-4 hours – 3hrs workshop with space for food. One party, the kids had so much fun the mother paid a bonus. One party, the kids forgot to eat! All of them had a great time. I look after the activities and supplies, the parents look after the food and the decorations.
      $50/child for 5 or more kids. Parents can participate for an additional $30/parent. Picture frames would be an additional $2/frame.
      The studio is at 220 Balcatta Road. There are toilets on site (not universal).
      I hope this information helps. Please feel free to call for any more details or negotiate an activity.

      Your Friend,

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