The Art Creatives works with all kinds of NDIS participants with physical, social, mental or behavioural issues. With nearly 40 years of teaching in a variety of situations, Beth is comfortable working one-on-one or in group situations.

“The Art Creatives has been an awesome experience for me. Not only is Beth a great artist and excellent art teacher, she is great to talk with. She is understanding and non-judgemental. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting a creative positive outlet. I always look forward to our sessions. Thank you Beth”

NDIS client

Art Creatives NDIS Una
Art Creatives Painting Rob

Every client works on their own artworks, developing new skills or trying out their ideas. A blind person painting; someone with mental health issues re-working old artworks with a more positive outlook or someone changing the scale they usually work at.

These clients are all painting but that is not all you can do here!

Art Creatives NDIS Eric
Art Creatives NDIS Assemblage
Art Creatives NDIS Sculpture