As I make my Quirky Bird sculptures and my Crazy Face paintings, they often tell me there story. Around about the time the eyes go on the Quirky Bird they will tell me their name. As I was preparing for a small exhibition I was writing stories to go with each bird and I found myself writing parts of my own story!

For example – Edith tends to be a bit quiet and shy. She is always worrying about putting herself forward too much. She won’t be the live-wire at the party. In fact, she gets a bit nervous walking into a party by herself. Will she know anyone? Has she dressed ok? Will there be someone for her to talk to? For Edith, this can be very scary! Not unusual, right? But this actually came out of how she was being treated by some people she was hanging out with and so it has taken her a while to get over this fear.

Irwin – stands on his own two feet but always looks like he might fall over. He’s tall and blocky, not very confident about his body image. He wears his heart on his sleeve but is genuinely upset if anyone speaks unkindly.

Finlea – is short and dumpy, leans heavily on one leg. She tends to feel out of kilter with the rest of the world but still feels quite comfortable in her own skin. She wears bright colours and flourishes her pearls. Everyone thinks she is self-confident but really she is nervous about saying the wrong thing or coming over too ‘full of herself’. This is difficult for her because she knows many things she would like to share with others.

I started making these sculptures as a response to a nasty workplace situation and two years down the track I still find them therapeutic. I make them because I smile as I conceive them. I smile when they give me their names – La-Sha (the – is NOT silent!). I smile as I write their stories.

My menagerie of critters helps me. (Many artists find this.) They are not “serious” art but they speak to me at the moment.

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